TT Craft GmbH is your reliable welding partner in and around Hamburg. Our clients are predominantly national and international machine manufacturers and producers of industrial fittings and sampling systems. Additionally, we successfully collaborate with numerous small and medium-sized machining companies for whom having their own small welding shop is simply uneconomical due to the high requirements.

Our services are divided into the following categories:

In the context of our project management, we can also offer you:

  • Procurement of individual parts
    • Laser, water, and flame cutting parts
    • Bending, folding, and rolling parts
    • Turning, milling, and eroding parts
    • 3D printing (SLM, SLS)
  • Procurement of standard and norm parts
    • Materials and semi-finished products
    • Welding and threaded fittings
    • Flanges and valves
  • Coordination of upstream and downstream processes
    • Turning and milling
    • Measurement technology
    • Hardening, anodizing
    • Galvanizing
    • Powder coating, wet painting
    • Measurement technology
  • Schweißen einer Kehlnaht mittels MAG Schweißschweißprozess an einer Gewindemuffe aus Stahl und einer Stahlkonstruktion
  • Lochausschnitte an einem dünnen Stahlblech mittels Laserschneidverfahren